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A Jubilee Celebration

Sep 26, 2022

Hall Barn Jubilee Picnic Event with the SBDSG July 3rd 2022

On a bright hot day the South Bucks Downs Syndrome group members went on a picnic to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee, where there were many activities including block printing on tea towels, planting plants in recycled tin cans that we decorated.  People enjoyed getting together again.

Hall Barn is in Beaconsfield with lots of lovely grounds and fields, and a lake that could be used to swim in! Only joking! Chris Field organised a Scavenger Hunt that people took part in. All great fun!

The youngest member, baby Eloise, was around 6 months old while the oldest was my own 89 year-old mum! All thanks to Harriet Lawson who allowed us to use the grounds. A great day out!

By Christopher Davis

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