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A story by Lydia

Sep 26, 2022

Lydia has sent in part of a story she has created to think about life from someone else’s perspective, who is having problems at school. Here we present Cara’s diary… a typical day.

12th March.

Dear diary,

Today’s been AWFUL ! Firstly, in the morning there was a power cut, meaning my alarm didn’t wake me up, so I missed the bus and had to go to school by bike. It took 20 minutes ! I was 10 minutes late for school, which meant my first break was taken up because I was chatting to my form tutor, having to explain myself. He wasn’t happy. Brilliant. What a great start. Then I bumped into Dillon and Harry.

“Hey, detention already ! Good work loser, haha.” Dillon spat out, literally. I felt it on my face.

“Leave me ALONE!” I yelled back, trying to push through.

“I don’t think so, we’re not done with you yet !” Harry ordered, laughing, as he shoved me back. He could see how annoyed I was. “Temper, temper.” As he grabbed for my bag, I grabbed it back, causing Harry to lose footing.

Oh great timing Mr Humphries ! My maths teacher turned up, saw what happened, (of course Harry would tell on me), and he immediately blamed me.

“Sir, she shoved me, I didn’t even do anything!” Harry lied.

“That’s a lie.” I retorted to Mr Humphries, trying to explain what actually happened, but all he did was shake his head at me. GREAT ! I got detention at lunch for “unacceptable behaviour”, what’s wrong with everyone today ! Aarrrggghhhh !

“Get to lesson NOW Cara Wilson, I’ll deal with you later. Boys, go to lessons.” Mr Humphries demanded. When I got to History, I realised I had forgotten to do my homework. I had to help Lucas with chores last night, the house genuinely needed it and I just forgot my homework. This meant that throughout the whole lesson I was really distracted and didn’t do well. Miss Keera wasn’t happy with me. Scott, my mentor and TA, tried to help me, but he didn’t know what to do. I got another warning, brilliant.

“This is the last straw Cara, what happened !?” Miss Keera sighed. I tried to explain, pleading with her to let me off, again. I genuinely just forgot !

She finally agreed, but made me understand that next time it would definitely be a detention. So far, my day couldn’t have gotten any worse. Maths was next, that made me better. I’m good with numbers, the answers and methods just come to me. I got 5 house points for my team and we won the end of class mini test. It was lunch, which meant detention time. At least lunch was good. Burger and chips and ice cream for pudding. Delicious ! As I was carrying my lunch, I felt better, walking towards Natalie, I was looking at my lunch, not looking where I was going. I walked right into the headmaster, falling onto the floor, both his and my lunch landed all over me.        “Cara ! You should watch where you’re going – I, I, I’m sorry. Go and get cleaned up.” Everyone started laughing so much, I was SO embarrassed.

“Stop laughing !” I shouted, running out of the canteen, everyone was laughing. Natalie followed me making sure I was okay. I got to the toilets, and started scrubbing the mess of my clothes with paper towels, whilst she went to get spare uniform clothes for me. After that problem, Dillon and Harry found me again. To cut to the chase, I lost my temper ! Luckily Natalie got me out of the situation. Detention wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. I had the afternoon with Natalie doing Art. She helped me, I felt a lot better. Finally, the bell rang. Me and Natalie legged it to the bus, we had everything planned for our sleepover together this weekend. As we walked home, through the woods, from the bus stop, we were chatting about our plans. Until Amos, Dillon’s older brother, and his friends caught us. He had obviously heard what happened and didn’t like that I had annoyed his little brother. We ran as fast as we could, but Natalie wasn’t fast enough. I charged myself at Amos, shoving him over.

“Natalie run” I said panting, running over to her.

“I can’t leave you.”

“Go and get Lucas, this time we can catch them.”

“Are you sure ? You could get hurt !?”

Whilst this was happening, Amos gained his footing, they were making their way over to us.

“GO, NOW” I ordered panicking.

As she left, the rest was a blur. I tried defending myself, running away from them, but my foot slipped on some twigs landing my head on a sharp rock. My head was throbbing and I could feel some blood starting to seep out, everything in my sight was blurred, but then I was out. After about what was probably 10 – 15 minutes, I could hear a faint voice. It was Lucas running after them, but Amos and his mates got away. Lucas and Natalie ran over, by then, I was better. Back at home, my head was bandaged up, the TV was on and we had ordered pizza. The sleepover was fun.

Cara xx

That may seem like a pretty crazy day, but for me it’s normal. This is what I have to put up with every single day…

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