Beat It! Music & Movement Group

Beat It! Music and Movement Group is for our members of primary school age (4 and up to 13). Provided by Curly Cath from CreateED, the sessions engage children in high quality ensemble sessions that challenge, develop and progress musical, social and personal skills for life.  

Music sessions are broken down into six key areas: 

  • Understanding Musical Differences (using percussive instruments and performance opportunities) 
  • Playing together tuned instruments (creating melodies using ukuleles, chime bars, hand bells etc) 
  • Movement – Exploring musical differences (using sensory props)
  • Rhythm (Simple notation (rhythm), beats and performance opportunities)
  • Songwriting (led by the children)
  • Listening (tuning in and sharing thoughts)

 Every month the musical differences are changed and the children use a variety of instruments to enable them to listen, respond and feel the differences, including:

  • Allegro and Lento – Fast & Slow
  • Pitch – High and Low 
  • Dynamics – Loud (forte) & Quiet (piano)
  • Crescendo and Decrescendo – Increasing and decreasing sound 
  • Major & Minor – Happy and Sad music 
  • Rhythm vs Beat 

Group details

Aimed at our primary school aged members, Beat It! takes place once a month at Mapledean Family Centre, Cressex Rd, High Wycombe HP12 4PR. Similar aged siblings are welcome too.

We are delighted to currently offer Beat It! sessions for FREE, thanks to a generous two year grant from the Rothschild Foundation.

See photos from the group here.

What to do next...

If your child and would like to join the Music and Movement Group please contact us.

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