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Sep 22, 2022

Learn and Thrive is a fantastic charity that offers amazing FREE high quality resources and programmes targeted for learners with Down’s syndrome. They have partnered with experts such as Inclusively Down and Speech and Language Therapists to produce videos and resource packs covering a wide range of topics from literacy, numeracy and language, to relationships, personal health and appropriate behaviour for older children and young adults . We highly recommend checking out what Learn and Thrive has to offer and to share it with teachers, LSAs, SENDCos and Early Years Settings.

We are a UK charity supporting learners with Down’s syndrome to access free specialist educational support videos.

We are passionate that a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome must never be a barrier to a fulfilling life within our community.

We have two projects, Teach Me Too and Learning For Life which offer educational, exciting and high-quality resources to help your child thrive.

Teach Me Too is an online library of short educational videos and learning resources, designed for early years and key stage 1 aged children. The digital tools work best with adult support and allow for the continuation of learning at home or school.

These include Literacy, Mathematics, Language, and the Wider Curriculum.

Learning For Life is a series developed for children and young people aged 10-18 that covers particular areas of the wider relationship and sex education curriculum.

Our series ‘Growing Up and Keeping Safe’ explores areas of privacy, appropriate behaviour, and private body parts. It addresses some key areas of the curriculum that are often overlooked and may need more explicit teaching for our young people.

Each video has an accompanying student resource pack and visual resources to support teaching and learning.

“We are so excited that we can now offer these bespoke free resources to all young people in the UK. Our vision is that every child and young person, regardless of background, income, or family situation deserves access to education materials that meet their needs. For too long access has mainly been available to those that can pay for it.”
Jo Aiyathurai, CEO, Learn and Thrive

All of our resources are free and available from our website. You can sign up for access here.

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