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Mum Jo shares her experience searching for supported employment courses for young people aged 18-25

Feb 14, 2023


I wanted to share with you some of the opportunities I found locally for young people after school and college and who still have an EHCP.


After my daughter Georgia had completed a 3 year course at Derwen College we felt lost as to what she might do next. She applied to Chicken Shed in Barnet but unfortunately was unsuccessful. I spent months searching for suitable employability training courses.


I want to share with you what I found in case it can help any young person who is at the same stage and still has an EHCP.


Mission Employable in Chorleywood – supported employment


Stony Dean – supported employment


Chicken Shed In Barnet


Peer Productions in Woking


I discovered that these places could all be funded by Bucks, with transport funded by Bucks Education.


Georgia is now at Peer Productions Theatre company in Woking. It is a one year course but we are hopeful that she may be able to stay on for another year.


Georgia loves going to Peers – but I’m already looking for what might come next!




Image courtesy of Peer Productions –

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