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Our SBDSG trip to Edinburgh July 8th to 11th 2022

Sep 26, 2022

Friday 8th July

We started to go to Hillingdon then made our way to King’s Cross station, where we met the others and started our journey. When we got to Edinburgh, our hotel was okay and very comfortable. I was disappointed not to have a minibar in the room. Still the room did have a TV! That evening, we had a lovely meal with entertainment of Scottish dancing called a Celidh.

Saturday 9th July

The weather was lovely and we went on the Royal Yacht Britannia. We saw loads of lovely things and all the finery that the Royal family enjoyed over the years, that included the drinks cabinet!  In the afternoon, we enjoyed the open bus city tour. We saw so many things, including the latest architectural addition to the city, which looked like a 99-ice-cream cone.

Sunday 10th July

We had an experience in the Camera Obscura, going through the mirror maze and including the thermal imaging machine. Then the most funniest thing, that was the display where you poke your head up through a cube, in which my head looked like it was on a huge plate as if it was decapitated. Also the whoopee cushion chair that made very rude fart sounds!!!

In the afternoon, we went to the castle, where I saw the crown jewels, including the canons and the swords.

Monday 11th July

This was a free day for all, in which I went with Sarah and friends to the Scottish National Gallery and bought souvenirs. Then we caught the train to King’s Cross. What a great Scottish time was had by all and Chris Field looked super in his Scottish cap and wig!

By Christopher Davies

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