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Saturday Club Successful First Term

Dec 20, 2022

We have been delighted by the success of our new Saturday Club which launched in September. Offered to our members aged 14 or over, we have enjoyed a wide range of creative activities this term. Sessions of Art, Drama or Choir have been attended by more than 15 young people and adults.

Sing Out Loud Choir

The group has enjoyed making music with the fabulous Kath this term. From S Club 7 to Christmas Carols, Kath’s warm and engaging style has encouraged everyone to find their inner musician. Teresa, one of the group said “we sung, played various instruments and danced to Reach for the Stars”

The Arty Crafty Hub

Sarah, our wonderful art tutor has inspired her group to create some incredible art throughout the term culminating in Christmas crafts. Using all sorts of media from pencil to clay, our artists have turned out some fantastic pieces. Lydia, a peer mentor who has helped with the group said “there was an array of wonderful activities exploring colours and different patterns. There was marbling, ink blowing, mosaic making and leaf pictures as well as a colouring activity. Everyone enjoyed themselves, making lots of brilliant pictures and the art work was outstanding. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon, I certainly did.”

Drama with The Theatre Shed

Sian, our talented and enthusiastic new lead drama teacher, has led our drama group this term assisted by other members of Theatre Shed’s brilliant creative team and a group of awesome peer mentors. Despite some hiccups with the venue (such as a week where there was a national Irish Dancing championship being held!) the group created an amazing piece of devised theatre which they performed on stage at Shed’s Winter Warmers Cabaret show in December. The acting, singing and humour were outstanding. Sian and her team bring out novel ideas, confidence and performance in everyone involved and they also have enormous fun.

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